Brown's Greenhouse

a family business in the Bitterroot Valley

Vegetables, Herbs, & Fruit

If you are looking for vegetables, herbs, strawberries, or cantaloupe, Brown’s Greenhouse is the place for you.


The variety of tomatoes at Brown’s Greenhouse will amaze you. Our current varieties include:

Cherry – sungold, sweet 100, sweet million, sun sugar, juliet, yellow pear, red pear
Italian Paste – roma, viva italia, tasty sauce
Bush – bush early girl, bush Goliath, better bush, topsy toms
Large Red – beefmaster, big beef, celebrity, early boy, early girl, early goliath, champion, goliath, jetsetter, tasty table, tasty early
Large Yellow – golden jubilee, and sunray yellow
Heirloom – amish paste, brandywine, manitoba, moskivich, old german, pineapple, reisenstrab, siberia, stupice, super sioux
Patio – patio, tumbling tom red, tumbling tom yellow

Brown’s Greenhouse also has a large variety of bell, medium, and hot peppers. Our current varieties include:

Bell – baron red beauty, big bertha, chocolate, Chinese giant, early bell, fat n sassy, golden summer, golden, goliath, green bell, giant Marconi griller, sweet Hungarian wax, Italian green frying, Jupiter, king Arthur, mexibell, new ace, north star, orange, purple, sweet red cherry, red knight, tasty green, tasty orange, tasty patio green, tasty patio red, tasty purple, tasty red, tasty yellow, patio bell
Medium – anaheim chili, ancho grande, cubanella, hot tasty poblano, hot hungarian yellow was, jalepeno goliath, mariachi, pepperoncino, carmen, sweet heat
Hot – basket of fire, banana inferno, cayenne, chenzo black, cherry big bomb, cheyenne, corno di toro, early jalapeno, garden salsa, hot banana, hole mole, red chili, Serrano, super chili, hot thai

Brown’s Greenhouse also carries a wide variety of other vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, pak choi, chard, lettuce, spinach, corn, and squash are the vegetables that are currently available. There are several varieties of cabbage, lettuce, and squash.

Herbs are a great addition to any garden and fresh herbs are great for cooking. Brown’s Greenhouse has a great selection of herbs, including: basil, dill, English thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, parsley, cilantro, and basil. There are several varieties of basil, mint, oregano, parsley, and basil.

Brown’s Greenhouse has strawberries and cantaloupe! The varieties of strawberries include Eversweet, Fort Laramie, and Honeyoye.