Brown's Greenhouse

a family business in the Bitterroot Valley

Flowers & Plants


Brown’s Greenhouse has a tremendous selection of flowers available to our customers. Early in the growing season, many of our flowers are available in four packs. As the season progresses, the flowers are available in four inch or six inch pots and ready for you to transplant. Our flower selection includes marigolds, pansies, petunias, wave petunias, snap dragons, impatiens and many others. Our color selection on these flowers is amazing. We have more than fifteen colors or color combinations of petunias!

Specialty Flowers
Brown’s Greenhouse also has a great selection of specialty flowers. Dahlias, African Daisies, geraniums, and argyranthemums (just to name a few) create a visual masterpiece for those walking through our greenhouses.

Color bowls and hanging baskets are a specialty of Brown’s Greenhouse. Nancy and Connie’s work is known throughout the Bitterroot Valley. There are many to choose from or you can pick out your flowers and let us design a custom basket or color bowl just for you.

Brown’s Greenhouse has a variety of ornamental, non-flowering plants and grasses. These plants and grasses are a great addition to your landscape, flower beds, window boxes, or hanging baskets.